Does your interest get sparked by the game of poker, travel and lifestyle? Then buckle up and enjoy the ride through flashing casino lights, nightly games and hotspots throughout Europe and further!

In 2015 I picked up interest for poker. End of that year, I played my first live tournament in a local cardroom. There, I won a ticket for a PokerStars event in Namur Casino, and that is where it all began.

At the time I was still in university doing my master of statistics, but poker became my number one hobby very quickly. After a year of playing occasionally, I got offered to play for the APAT Red Jacks for a few months. Summer 2017, I graduated university, got a job as a data scientist, and decided to spend more time on playing poker which resulted in winning the Belgian Poker Award for Best Female Poker Player 2017. 

I love to improve my game, gain more experience and visit alot of new places in the upcoming years. While I am out there trying to achieve this, I am happy to share my journey, thoughts and experiences with all of you 😉



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